Offering a range of membership options from Full Bowling Capitation through to Trivia Membership Nights only, there is something for everyone.  Why don’t you enquirer about joining?

Social Events

Offering a wide range of events throughout the year, from weekly quiz nights through to themed nights,  mid-winter dinners and dancing.

Sporting Events

Offering both competitive bowling and social leagues, the Thornton Club also has a Snooker/8 Ball Table, Darts & Petanque.  There is something for everyone – even if it’s just spectating.


Who we are

We are a Member’s Club in the heart of Cambridge.  Best described by one of our past staff members after 4 years of working with the club ” I’m so glad that I met all of your wacky  faces and had this amazing job/ experience.  You guys have such a good little community at this club and a very loyal members. ”  Georgia McIsaac

We are proud to say that we do have an amazing bunch of members, some would almost call us family.  If you are new to Cambridge or just wanting to meet some real friends, come along and join us – we’d love to see you.